Sensitive skin? How your baby can benefit from organic cotton.


A baby's skin is very vulnerable. Their skin isn't quite developed yet and infant skin is 5 times thinner than adult skin.

Baby's skin problems such as eczema or rash are quite common. Some of the following symptoms of eczema are itchy and red skin and/or a dry or rough skin. Eczema in baby's often occur on the cheeks, arms and legs. 

Baby's with skin problems, such as eczema, can also experience a reaction to conventional (non-organic) cotton. This is caused by the chemicals and residues of pesticides found in non-organic cotton. To make matters worse the clothes are often dyed with dangerous chemicals.

Because the baby's skin is extra vulnerable we want to take care of it, finding products to calm their skin and not make things worse. 

Why organic?

Is organic really that better? Yes it is. Organic cotton is free of all these chemicals and pesticides and therefore softer and more pleasant for the sensitive skin. 

We always use organic Pima cotton for our Lovely Little Things clothing. It is one of the softest organic cotton in de world and comes from Peru. Our clothes is dyed with safe dye, for humans and nature.
To finish our clothing we use nickel free snap buttons.
Our son always hated those little itchy labels in the back of his shirts. So I used to cut them out. For our clothing we decided to print the information on the clothing to prevent any itching.


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