Lovely Little Things is all about dressing babies in the best organic cotton outfits. We all care about the health of our babies, so we set out to find the healthiest products for our little ones.

In our search for materials we made the choice to only use 100% organic cotton. A baby's skin is very sensitive and regular cotton is often filled with pesticides. We use 100% organic Pima cotton which is imported from Peru. Pima cotton is known to be one of the softest cotton in the world. To complete our collection we only use nickel free buttons, because nickel can cause allergic reactions. For our dyes we only use Everzol dyes which are safe for humans and nature.

We worked hard to create and find products that improve your baby's life. Currently we are working to expand our collection of products so keep informed by subscribing to our mailing list and/or follow us on social media. We are definitely open for any suggestions regarding our current collection. Suggestions on models or colors are more then welcome.